A relaxing respiratory treatment

Stress, fatigue and contaminated air have a bad influence on your mood and health. How to avoid them?

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Stress, fatigue and contaminated air have a bad influence on your mood and health. How to avoid them?

How to care for fitness, well-being and inner balance? Provide the body with valuable, natural saline support, strengthened by the therapeutic power of vegetable oils.

Bochnia salt with vegetable oil

We have enriched our salt bath with natural plant oils, creating Salco Sport Therapy Aroma. Aromatherapy complements effective saline regeneration, stimulating or silencing the body, depending on the chosen fragrance. Treatments are designed to improve the overall condition of your body by restoring its balance (homeostasis) and stimulating its natural immunity. Relax and cleanse your body just now.

Essential oils good for everything

Mankind has been using essential oils for centuries. Their most common task is to care for the respiratory system, the condition of the skin and to improve the mood. Aromatherapy treats the patient as an integral whole, as does the medicine of the East. It launches natural potential in the body and triggers its defence mechanisms. In addition, the aromatic saline treatment is beneficial for the elimination of numerous local ailments, irritations or inflammation.

Purge the airways

During a warm bath, you inhale valuable, rich in iodine Bochnia brine. This inhalation accelerates the purification of the airways and inhibits inflammatory processes. Iodine gets into the bloodstream through the pulmonary bubbles, supplementing the deficiencies of this valuable element. Immerse yourself in a warm bath, and your breathing will calm down and deepen.

Salco Sport Therapy Aroma salt treatment will let you work and train to the fullest.




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