Natural care for your skin

Has dry and irritated skin become your problem? There might be many causes of it.

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Has dry and irritated skin become your problem? There might be many causes of it.

There might be many causes – weather factors, active lifestyle, wrong diet or innate tendencies. What do we do to improve the condition of the skin and how to counteract the weakening of natural defence mechanisms? We have some simple solutions for you.

Salt scrub

Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body is a perfect natural scrub. Soft and moist salt easily spreads over the surface of the body, effectively exfoliating the epidermis. As a result of this treatment, minerals remain in the pores of the skin, maintaining its moisturization, elasticity and vitality. The collagen contained in the product acts as a nursing and soothing treatment. For extra lubrication, we can mix our salt with, for example, argan oil or olive oil.

Collagen bath

Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body contains valuable collagen, which contributes to stimulating epidermal cell division, skin care, regeneration and nourishment. In order for the ingredients to function optimally, they should be applied in the most beneficial way for the body, taking care of proper body preparation for the treatment. Here comes the warmth of the brine. It expands, naturally cleans and disinfects the surface of the skin. The collagen molecules that remain in the bath cover the purified body. Combined with the minerals contained in the salt, they form a protective layer. A regenerating 20-minute bath effectively combines mineral therapy with intensive rebuilding of your body.

Natural benefits for the skin

By using Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body, you restore your skin to a state of balance and protect it from external influences. Bochnia salt’s active ingredients in the pores of the skin act antiseptically, relieve inflammation and accelerate wound healing. Combined brine and collagen care counteracts the aging process of the skin, cleanses and nourishes it.

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