Our brine’s impact on the skin

The beneficial effect of our brine baths is based on a unique set of minerals contained in Salco products.

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The beneficial effect of our brine baths is based on a unique set of minerals contained in Salco products.

A warm bath results in extension and cleansing of the pores of the skin and unblocking of sweat glands. With sweat, the system removes unnecessary metabolic products through the skin. Prepared in that way, our body is ready to absorb the minerals contained in brine.

We recommend not to rinse the skin after the bath. The brine remaining on it can then dry, creating the so-called ‘salt coat’.

It prolongs the beneficial effect of the treatment even after its completion, maintaining proper nutrition, hydration and skin tension.

Proper skin moisturizing is an extremely important skin care factor that:

  • Increases the tolerance of the skin to the effects of environmental stimuli,
  • Improves the effectiveness of treatment of skin diseases,
  • Keeps the tension and nutrition of the skin,
  • Prevents premature aging.

The moisture level of the skin is dependent on three factors. These are: the ability of the skin to keep water, the balance between the free penetration of molecules (diffusion) of water in the epidermis and their evaporation and, finally, its ability to penetrate through the stratum corneum. Disruption of any of these processes results in dry skin.

In order to properly protect our skin from dehydration, we have prepared a range of products suitable for each of the influencing factors.

All SALCO salts have the ability to absorb water. The salt coat on the skin binds water on the surface of the epidermis, leaving a feeling of hydration for a longer time. Minerals contained in salt nourish the skin and protect the skin from the negative impact of the environment.

Salts with perfume oils contain compounds that protect against the loss of water, creating an insoluble protective layer on the surface of the epidermis. Natural vegetable oils contain active ingredients and fat acids, which are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and elasticize the epidermis.

Products with collagen added have even greater water retention ability than pure salt. Natural collagen, a protein found in human skin, creates a protective film on the skin. It moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Our salts were subjected to specialized dermatological examinations. The tests were conducted on several dozens of volunteers aged between 19 and 55 years.

The salt was used as indicated on the package for one month.

After this time, the examined filled a questionnaire describing their feelings and observations.

Everyone observed the refreshing, relaxing, anti-fatigue effect. Stimulation of the blood supply and improvement of skin firmness was also noticed.

Pleasant fragrances of the products were mentioned by the participants.

As you can see, our natural therapy is worth trying.

It is especially important during the periods when we expose our skin to more negative factors (eg summer baths and sun exposure, severe sweating, exercise, detergents, contaminated air). Brine therapy should also be considered when we do not provide the body with the micronutrients needed for its proper nourishment.

With our salts you will turn an ordinary, daily bath into a valuable nutritional and nursing treatment.

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