SALCO – traditionally brewed Bochnia salt.

Our own mine and a traditional brewhouse allow us to provide you with the genuine Bochnia salt of exceptional therapeutical value.

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Our own mine and a traditional brewhouse allow us to provide you with the genuine Bochnia salt of exceptional therapeutical value.

SALCO is a polish family company. Our headquarters has its place in Łapczyca, a town located between two salt cities – Wieliczka and Bochnia. We have nearly 25 years of experience in traditional salt brewing.

The history of Bochnia brine

The brines has been excavated in this area since the 12th century. In small field brewhouses it was turned into precious salt, mainly used for preserving food. Following the discovery of rock salt deposits in the nearby towns (Wieliczka and Bochnia), the evaporation of saline water ceased to be profitable and had been forgotten for several hundred years. From the early 1970s the salt works were operated by the Salt Mine, where the brine was processed to produce the Curative Salt from Bochnia.

Brewhouse in Łapczyca

Since 1994 we have had our own salt works in Łapczyca. The salt works in Bochnia ceased their operation a long time ago while we still offer you our valuable salt obtained in the process of traditional cauldron evaporation of mineral saline. We have permanent access to the pristine Miocene saline deposits of unique concentration (17% of NaCl) and unique composition of elements (containing significant quantities of Ca, Mg, K, Mn, I, Br, Fe and other bio elements).

Regardful production process

The salt crystallization process is carried in open baths for 12 hours. The process is optimised so as to obtain salt of  maximum content of active therapeutic elements. After removing from the bath, the salt is placed on a draining table and then mixed and provided for packaging. The crystals of our salt are covered with crystalline lye, i.e. highly concentrated saline containing the essential concentration of bio elements. The salt seems to be humid, but it is the composition that provides the unique therapeutic value.

Salco Łapczyca proces produkcji

Our work resulted in the creation of products like:

  • Salco Medical (The curative iodine-bromine salt of Bochnia available in pharmacies),
  • Salco Sport Therapy (available at www.salcosklep.pl and in professional sports shops),
  • Salco Derma Therapy.
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