Saline baths – regeneration for the active ones

Regular saline baths provide quicker regeneration after physical strain and increase our immunity.

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Regular saline baths provide quicker regeneration after physical strain and increase our immunity.

Every day we are exposed to stress, injuries, pain and the impact of polluted environment. This is due, among other things, to active lifestyle and to the actions of unfavourable external factors. In addition, regular sportspeople strain the body more. We have created an effective way to regenerate and strengthen the body – Salco Sport Therapy.

Regeneration for athletes

Salco Sport Therapy  is the original Bochnia salt – the simplest natural way to improve the quality of your workout and increase your body’s capacity. Regularly used, it provides faster recovery after exercise, increased resistance to diseases, as well as cleansing the body and improving overall physical fitness.

The saving effect of brine

The natural iodine in the Bochnia salt, penetrating into the body, causes swelling of the collagen fibres. They increase the elasticity of the connective tissue that builds, among other things, the joint structure among other things. The iodine content also improves bone condition by regulating their normal calcium management. The high bath temperature and the pressure exerted by the brine relaxes the muscles and tendons after physical effort. The bath relaxes our whole body.

A trusted product

Salco Sport Therapy salts are highly valued by professional athletes and amateurs of all kinds of physical activity. Thanks to them, even after a great effort the body can easily get back to good condition.

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