Salt scrub – a homemade spa for your skin

Thanks to the high content of bioelements contained in Bochnia salt, the skin regenerates faster, becomes smoother, more elastic, oxygenated and has better blood supply.

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Thanks to the high content of bioelements contained in Bochnia salt, the skin regenerates faster, becomes smoother, more elastic, oxygenated and has better blood supply.

Salt as a scrub.

What is a scrub and why should it be done?

Salt scrub – a treatment which aims at removing the damaged and dead cells of the outer epidermis. It stimulates the skin to produce new cells. As a result of friction caused by salt crystals, the surface of the epidermis is exfoliated and the permeability of the active substances is reached. Salt scrubs, unlike other on the market, have a purifying nature. Salt works anti-inflammatory, provides decontamination and helps fight skin diseases. Thanks to the high content of bioelements the skin regenerates faster, becomes smoother, more elastic, oxygenated and of better blood supply.

The treatment aims at improving the appearance and condition of the skin, reduces fine wrinkles and scars, smoothens stretch marks and brightens discolorations. It supports the fight against skin diseases such as acne or excessive keratosis of the epidermis. The scrub contributes to unlocking the sebaceous glands, preventing the formation of blackheads. Used after depilation, prevents ingrown hair.

An innovative solution is using SALCO SPORT THERAPY Fit & Body (containing natural collagen) as a scrub. It is responsible for maintaining proper hydration of the skin, delaying its aging process, effectively inhibiting the loss of collagen contained in the skin. The skin remains smooth and properly nourished.

How to use

The salt scrub works best applied to damp, cleansed skin.. Mix the salt with an oil or shower gel and massage the skin. After the treatment, rinse the body with water.

Uses of the salt scrub


Massaging with the scrub gently loosens and stimulates the skin, providing a feeling of relaxation. It also purifies, improves blood supply and elasticity. It contributes to easier absorption of active substances derived from other cosmetics such as body lotions.

Anti-cellulite action

Regular use of salt scrubs firms and elasticises the skin. The scrubs, rich in valuable ions of the elements contained in the Bochnia salt, support the skin enzymes and stabilize water management. They also stimulate the skin’s metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins.

Epilation and folliculitis

The use of salt scrub after hair removal prevents the ingrown hairs by regularly peeling the epidermis. Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body, thanks to the collagen content, softens and moisturizes the skin so that the rejuvenating hair grows easily through the skin without ingrowing. The treatment should be applied two days before and after epilation.


A scrub is recommended before sunbathing in order to enjoy a long lasting tan. Removing dead skin cells smoothes the skin tone and accelerates its regeneration while preventing uneven tanning.

Relaxed feet

Weary feet after a hard day significantly impede daily activities and affect the well-being. Their scrub and massage is a moment of rest and relax after a tiring day that is soothing and refreshing. Intensive salt scrub rubs the first skin and removes thickening.

Pampered hands

A salt scrub is perfect for delicate hand skin. Exfoliation of dead epidermis cells, combined with massage, make the hands remain satin soft and rested. Used in home-based manicures, it helps remove nail cuticles.

Contraindications for applying peels

Peelings should not be performed in cases of active herpes, dermatitis, viral, fungal or bacterial infections. Also, in the case of damage of the skin in the treated area, rosacea and allergy, treatment should be discontinued.

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