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With our salt, you will create an ‘iodine’ microclimate in your bathroom.

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With our salt, you will create an ‘iodine’ microclimate in your bathroom.

Iodine is an essential element for the proper functioning of the body.

For years, physicians have warned against the consequences of its shortage and recommended its supplement.

Iodine is mainly supplied with food, it can also be absorbed through the skin or by the respiratory tract.

It is accumulated mainly in the thyroid gland where it participates in the production of hormones, a proper concentration of which determines the development and functioning of the brain and the nervous system. This is particularly important for proper physical and intellectual development of children.

A deficiency of this element negatively affects health, impairing thyroid functions.

This can cause problems with concentration, memory, weakness and decreased immunity, irritability, hair loss or fatigue.

In order to protect oneself from the negative effects of iodine deficiency, its supplementation should be kept in mind.

Salco’s saline-based bath provides a unique iodine microclimate in the bathroom, similar to that of a sea. Free iodine floats above the surface of warm brine along with water vapour particles. Inhaling it during the bath allows you to supplement this valuable element.

Taking regular advantage of Salco iodine-bromine baths is a way to maintain the proper iodine content of your body.

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