The therapeutical effect of Bochnia salt

Our salt has been used in SPA treatments, sports biological renewal and Wellness&SPA rituals since the beginning of the 90s.

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Our salt has been used in SPA treatments, sports biological renewal and Wellness&SPA rituals since the beginning of the 90s.

The brine prepared with Bochnia salt warms the body up way more than a regular bath. Increasing the temperature large body surface, comparable to the application of medical bubbles, triggers an immediate reaction stimulated by the body. See when, and under what conditions, you will discover the therapeutic effect of Bochnia salt.

Loss of strength, weakness, decreased immunity

Accelerated blood circulation, blood vessel expansion, improved blood supply and biochemical stimulation are the effects of saline therapy. Regular baths oxygenate and nourish the tissues, removing inflammation and micro injuries. Moreover, regular treatments allow the body to react to infections more quickly.

Loss of inner balance

The exfoliation and loosening of outer epidermis in combination with high temperature and accelerated circulation (comparable to sauna) intensifies the work of sweat glands. With addition of increased metabolic rate, we are provided a faster and more efficient transdermal removal of toxins and unnecessary by-products. The airways are moisturized and purified, ensuring full, deep lung ventilation.

Loss of important elements

Bochnia salt solution contains a complex of minerals analogous to those found in our body. When the brine’s concentration exceeds the physiological 0.9% (minimum 1kg of salt per 100 liters of water), an additional ion exchange process begins to allow the penetration of precious minerals into the skin. During the bath, we supplement the necessary iodine compounds, easily absorbed through inhalation of the evaporating brine.

Loss of freedom of movement, muscle and joint pain

Highly mineralized salt deposits in the pores stimulate the nerve endings located in the skin. The nervous system adapts to this state and is less sensitive to pain. The stimulus is passed from the skin surface to the deeper tissues and organs of our body. This makes actual pain sensations less significant.

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